Just the Facts

Our School


* Petunia Preschool is a 3 bedroom bungalow in NE Portland (on NE 53rd just south of Killingsworth), that has been fully converted into a fun place for children to explore materials and build relationships.

* We are licensed by the state of Oregon as a certified family child-care home.

* We provide a safe, comfortable environment where children can learn at their own pace and explore their wonderings without being forced to adhere to a rigid structure.

* While most projects are organized spontaneously around the natural interests of the child, they'll also have the opportunity to participate in activities like gardening, baking, yoga, music and working with clay.

* Our maximum enrollment is 14 children per day. There will always be two teachers if more than 8 children are attending on any given day.

* Our school is a family-owned business. We welcome all types of families and we encourage children's families to participate.

* We accept children from ages 2 to 5.

* It's OK if your child isn't potty-trained yet, and there's no extra charge – just bring some diapers if necessary.

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