Tuition & Prices


5 days a week - $835/month

4 days a week - $715/month

3 days a week - $595/month

2 days a week - $475/month

extra days - $65/day


Enrollment/Re-enrollment fee - $100 (non-refundable)

* Every January, we re-enroll for the next fall. At this time you will be able to request any changes you want in your schedule, or to secure the days you have.

Late pickup fee - $1/minute (please don't pick up late!)

Late payment fee- $10.00 per day (please don't pay tuition late!)

* If you need to change your schedule or leave the school for any reason we ask for 2 full-months' notice. We do not pro-rate final month's tuition. For example, if notice is given on October 15th, payment is still required in full for the months of November & December.

* If your child needs to miss school because of illness or vacation, tuition stays the same. We can't do make-up days, but you can pick up an extra day for $65 if there is space.

* Tuition is a yearly contract - it's the same during months with breaks and holidays.

* Tuition is due the 1st of every month, regardless of weekends or holidays. You can leave us a check and it will not be cashed until the first of the month.

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